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Welcome to Social Miniature Poodles where our dogs are family first showdogs second.





















               3 beautiful boys whelped 7/16/16    Proud parents are Jesse & Pink!!!




















                 GCh. Clarion Karadale Better Together                       Ch. Social Glitter In The Air






                 Both parents fully health tested and producers of  puppy Ch. offspring






We will be using the Puppy Culture protocol to help these babies become the best  they              can     be, please follow the babies on the 2016 puppy diary






Find out more about the Puppy Culture Protocol, where the first weeks of a puppies life can have a huge influence on the rest of it's life.





I breed to the AKC Standard. We only breed when we are ready for another showdog  as well as a family member. Our dogs are not kenneled, they sleep where ever they want, which is our bed, on our laps, or wherever they can be near us.


In order to compete with professional handlers I need a dog as good  if not better than they are showing.  I use the best stud dog possible for my bitch. I do all health testing  and breed only to fully tested sires.


















Social     Miniature    Poodles







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